Tuesday, October 31, 2006

No More Drama

This week isn't looking promising for dorm 3. There was already some drama and it isn't even Tuesday yet. Can't we go a week without drama of any kind. Okay, here is the story:

The one guy modified his Superman costume for Halloween and was wearing it the dorm. Seems harmless enough right? You would think so. But then another guy called a fag for wearing it and also called him a hypocrite. This one guy is a big homophobe. I mean sure it says in the Bible that homosexuality is wrong and all, but Christians are supposed to be tolerant of stuff like that.

It's like why make comments like that if it will end up in a fight? Be the mature person and don't say anything. Not only that, but you need to lighten up. It's all in good fun. The sooner that guy learns it the better. I am the sure guy wearing the Superman was doing it all in good fun. That was not an open invitation to trash the guy. Doesn't he have feelings.

The resident mentor for dorm 3 and the guy who was wearing the costume tried to confront the other guy about it, but apparently the guy walked out and slammed the door. Avoidence is not a good thing. Unresolved issue could lead to pent up anger and some even worse happening.

Halloween only comes once a year, so let them have their fun because in the end it's no skin off your ass.

That is my rant. I didn't mention any names just be safe.

For Halloween I am going to be a New Orleans pimp. My costume is so simple. It's basically me putting on my suit. It's going to be sweet. I will post some pics later.

Until next time... shalom,
Mr. C.C.

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