Saturday, November 22, 2008

Giving Gifts & Non-Believers

We are now in the midst of the Christmas season. Through audio, video, and visual images in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, Internet, flyers, brochures, billboards, and even word of mouth we see and hear the sounds of Christmas. As well through these mediums of media we see and hear about the many ways to save money in stores while buying Christmas presents.

This brings me to the topic at hand and that is giving gifts and non-believers. There are non-believers and non-Christians everywhere you go. For example there are atheists, agnostics, etc.. Now a good percentage of world celebrates Christmas in one form or another. Combine the two and you have something that may seem a bit odd. Well, at least recently I think so. I find odd how non-Christians and non-believers have taken what came from the Bible and made it non-religious (for a lack of better term). The part that I am talking is where the Three Wisemen gives baby Jesus gifts. Now you see most of the world generally non-Christians and non-believers have adopted that and turned it in some commercialistic, money making part of the Christmas season. They are trying to make money off this aspect of Christmas.

I have heard a number of people, especially my mom who works in retail, say that they have become obsessed with the commercial aspect of Christmas and she is right. Christmas is not about the commercialization of Santa Clause or where you can get the best bargains on certain items like video games, CDs, DVDs, clothes, computers, etc.. Christmas is about the birth of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. But with the way the western world is today, it seems like Christianity has become a dirty word and of course they don't celebrate the birth of Christ. They celebrate Christmas all its pagan traditions like putting up a Christmas tree. Actually, to quite honest even Christians puts up Christmas trees. But you get point that Christmas should go back to its original intent and that caring, loving, sharing, helping the less fortunate, being with friends and family, and most importantly celebrating the birth of Christ.

I understand if that is not your beliefs, but Christmas is not about the almighty dollar. That is unless you are one of the big capitalist corporations.

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