Friday, November 28, 2008

Freshie Initiation

I was sort of watching this episode of Family Guy entitled "Jungle Love." It was a re-run. Basically Chris ran away because he was initiated as a freshman in high school. Chris wanted to escape the terror of being known as a freshman. When Chris was initiated, he was beat on the ass with a cricket mallet.

Seeing this lead me to thoughts of initiation when I was in grade nine at Wesmor High School. The initiation wasn't to this degree, but it still was initiation. It made me think how lame freshie initiation is. Sure it was only for one week. But the point of it was lame. "Welcome to Wesmor grade nines" than something happens. You should let the freshman's fade into obscurity. Besides, it is not like freshman's are worth a grade twelvers time. Or so you would think.

I am not saying that it was a traumatizing experience or anything like that. I am saying that they probably won't give a rats ass who you are for the rest of the year. I would think that some grade nine student is not worth my time. Plus, the whole freshie initiation is just lame to begin with. At least when I entered grade ten in Carlton Comprehensive High School there was no freshie initiation. They didn't have some lame yearly ritual of initiating the new students in grade ten (this was before they had grade nine).

Hazings and initiations will always be around in sports teams to fraternities and everything in between. I guess some people like to welcome new members of a team or new students in possibly cruel and just plain stupid ways. In some news stories, there have been cases of initiations that have gone over the line. But my only experience, that wasn't the case. It still didn't take away from the fact it was lame and pointless.

Before I leave, I have to ask... what is the point of freshie initiation?

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