Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thoughts On Baptist Priest Getting Tased

As I promised, my thoughts on a Baptist Priest getting tased.

Reading comments on YouTube or wherever, a lot of people seem to think this all the fault of Pastor Steven Anderson. That just makes me sick! People go along with what police do because police can do no wrong. FUCK OFF! That is a bullshit way to look at things. Police uphold the law yes, but above the law no. I respect what the police try to do. But then a bunch of corrupt cops ruin it for the rest who try to uphold the law.

It took seven or eight cops to take down one man who wasn't even resisting arrest. All Steven Anderson did was ask why he was being put under arrest. The one cop couldn't even use his pea brain to think of a half intelligent response in answer to his question. So immediately they assume he is resisting arrest. But look at the video evidence. It's there in black and white. If you are as ignorant as those cops, than I am not surprised how you could surmise that Pastor Anderson was resisting arrest.

Pastor Anderson was within his rights to ask why he was being put under arrest. But again, that cop couldn't come up with a valid reason so they had to resort tasing him. They didn't even read him his rights. If Pastor Anderson was fighting out of being handcuffed while his rights were read to him than I would say yes he was resisting arrest. He was not handcuffed and he was not read his rights. He was not even asked for his license and registration. Where in the video do you ever see Pastor Anderson resisting arrest? It even shows Pastor Anderson asking for that dog to be brought back out because the dog was alerted to his car. But again they couldn't grant that request because they know they are in the wrong and putting him under wrongful arrest. They didn't want admit they were wrong. So what do they do? They tase him because they are not man enough to admit when they are wrong.

Why do a portion of cops feel the need tase or beat down someone when it is not necessary? With Pastor Steve Anderson its another example. Another example is that Polish man in Vancouver International Airport who apprently had a stapler and a chair was taken down by four cops, tased, and died from being tased. Is this world coming to a state where we can't feel safe around cops? The United States seems to be heading in this direction.

Case in point is the following:

The cops used force where force wasn't needed. The person surrendered after reaching a dead end. I guess the cop was going off adrenaline and still decided to kick him in the end and knock him out. Another cop came and give him a few good shots with his nightstick. Than they high five and pat each other on the back. Real good job cops. I bet you feel big.

Reading comments on the Pastor Steven Anderson story, people seem to be ignorant based on him being very right wing. Who FUCKING cares? That is no reason to say he deserved it. Nobody deserves it and I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

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