Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Getting Back Into Going To Church

A friend of mine, Pete Malloy, who is an Anglican minister, will be happy to know that I am finally going back to church. That's correct, I am going to College Park Covenant Church. I went last week for the first time just because a friend of mine was in town from Manitoba because his girlfriend is from Saskatoon and he was playing bass at the service.

So I went for lunch with one of the pastors, Brandon Shurr. We talked about various stuff and one thing about me getting into radio. Brandon said he started doing volunteering at CFCR, a community radio station in Saskatoon, and now he has a radio show on from 8-1o AM on Wednesdays which I thought was cool. But I expressed interest in drumming during services whether it will be doing some hand percussion or rocking the kit. Brandon said that he tell the other pastor Steve Menshenfriend to get in contact me about jamming and whatnot. I told Brandon that instead of moving the drum kit off of the stage each Sunday by setting it up somewhere and he looked as if he was into that idea.

So here's to getting back into going to church.

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