Friday, January 01, 2010

Its 2010 Now

Its 2010 now, will this year be better then last? 2009 was an up and down year for me. One of the big ups was starting to date my current girlfriend Penny. While a down was being laid off from my job regardless of me hating it. I need to look to the future and going back to school. I need to get off my ass and get an application. I have been talking forever about going to broadcasting college and becoming a radio DJ. Instead of talking about it, I should actually go and do it.

People also talk a lot about resolutions. Do you make them? I for the most part don't. Its not like people actually stick to them. People say they make them, but never follow through on them. I will just go with the flow and see what this year has in store for me.

To all my readers, friends, and family, I hope you have a safe and happy New Years. If 2009 was good, may 2010 be even better. Or if 2009 was crap, 2010 should defiantly be better.

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