Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Response To My Mormonism Post

I made this response already when it was feed to my Facebook notes, but I will also do it as a separate post.

Now my post on Mormonism stirred up a debate so here is my response. This is in response to one person and he or she knows who he or she is.

Can you honestly tell that me that “spirit babies” isn’t racist in some facet? If you don’t make yourself right with God before conceived, you will end up in a third world nation or born into poverty.

Some Mormons believe in "magic underwear" that if they wear underwear with certain sacred symbols on them that they will survive horrible accidents. Some people have even testified that they have survived horrible accidents due to "magic underwear."

Some of the Mormons practice polygamy. The practice of polygamy was started by Joseph Smith, Jr.. The fundamental Mormons generally practice polygamy. It became illegal in 1890, but the practitioners are almost never prosecuted unless there is evidence of abuse, statutory rape, welfare, fraud or tax evasion. Plus fundamental Mormons believe that plural marriage where has more then one wife is a requirement for obtaining the highest “degree with in the highest of three Mormon heavens.

You do realize that you don’t need to be officially ordained to serve as a senior “pastor” in a Mormon church. All you need to have is money and a high ranking status. A lot of business men are the “pastors” of their churches. Now to evangelize you don't have to have any formal training. The people they send out to evangelize are between the ages of 19-22.

Joseph Smith, Jr. the founder of Mormonism is a whack job. The Golden Plates also called the gold plates or in some 19th century literature, the golden Bible is what Mormon scripture and Bible is based on. Smith, Jr. is the one who discovered the Golden Plates. Apparently the plates were received by the Angel Moroni (an angel which Smith believed guarded the Golden Plates) which is where Mormonism gets its from. The plates were buried near his home in Western New York. Now Smith, Jr. is the only source for most of this story because he was the only human to witness it. Unless there was multiple people or other witnesses, it might be a bit more believable just for the simple there are people to corroborate his story.

Now when Joseph Smith, Sr. was baptized into the original Mormon church Smith, Jr. is reportedly to have cried: "Oh! My God I have lived to see my own father baptized into the true church of Jesus Christ!" This Oxymoronic and backwards because you can't call yourself the true Church and an extension of Christianity all at the same time.

Smith, Jr. ended up being killed by a group people who stormed a jail a murdered him and his brother Hyrum Smith.

Joseph Smith, Sr. was also a whack job. Before Mormonism, he was a member of the Freemasons. Now, the Freemasons is a secret group of different lodges who are told to believe stuff and were never told why. Plus they have roots in the Occult or Kabbalah. The Occult is rooted in Satan and the ideas of Satan. Now this all seems quite ironic because the Kabbalah is is an ancient form of Jewish mysticism, which was formalized at the end of the 12th Century. Having turned Biblical truth and history into occult myths and suggestions, it has evolved through the centuries, blending with gnosticism, theosophy and other occult mysteries, usually behind closed doors and in secret societies.

Now I know Mormonism isn't secret and behind closed doors. But just like the Freemasons they are told to believe stuff and don't know why. As well, it hasn't been widely proven that Mormonism has any roots with the Occult, Kabbalah, or anything related to that. But it seems like the traces are there.

Some of what I believe is backed by centuries of research and archeological digs. Even though people try to discredit Christianity, a lot of stuff is proven this way. There are no archeological digs to prove Mormonism. What, they would find out what they already know and that is Mormonism is a sham and a crock?

Seriously, next time you talk to a Mormon about what they believe, ask them why they believe what they believe. Don't be surprised that they won't be able to tell you why. Also, ask them to inform you about the history, but don't be surprised if they can't and the only thing they can tell you is Joseph Smith, Jr. was the founder.

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