Friday, November 19, 2010

Bandwagon Hopping

Bandwagon hopping happens a lot in a many things. But I find that it happens a lot in the realm of professional wrestling. It's one thing to not be a fan someone, but it's the fact you are no longer a fan to outright bashing this particular wrestler or promoter or whoever when they were in fact once a fan. I get that I rag on Hulk Hogan because I am not on the Hulk Hogan bandwagon like I once was when I was a child. I mean, it's cool that you are still a Hogan fan, but that was only a phase for me.

Now I see and hear people ragging on John Cena, but it's not that it was a phase when they were a fan. They were only fans of Cena because he was a heel. As a fan we are supposed to cheer the faces (good guys) and boo the heels (bad guys). That has changed with the advent of the Internet and the whole "IWC" (Internet Wrestling Community). With the information that were getting at a rapid rate and able to see more of the backstage goings on, we able to cheer and boo for who we want regardless of alignment of heel, face, or tweener (in between). With Cena, when he turned face and become one of the top superstars in the WWE, it was a 180 degree turn and people who loved him because he was only a heel, they now can't stand him and loathe him. I don't necessarily loathe Hogan to the point where I wish death upon the guy like some people wish upon Cena. I just don't like certain things he does. Some people bash his wrestling, his over saturation of his merchandise, his movies, his rap music, and whatnot. It's not his fault that he was pushed to this degree. If you want to bitch at someone, then bitch at Vince McMahon and the WWE for pushing him to this degree. I find some irony here because people cheered Steve Austin for being pushed big time while making the WWF loads of money. But people don't like it because John Cena is doing the same. If Steve Austin was the big superstar and face of the WWE now, then people would be doing the same thing. They would be bitching about the same stuff they do with Cena. It's for the fact that it's no longer the Attitude Era and the Attitude Era spoiled fans as well as it's a PG rating.

It's not just Cena's bandwagon people have hopped on and off. If you've ever been on wrestling based forums, then you will know smarks (Google the term if you don't know what it is because don't want to go on a rant about what smarks are and why I can't stand them) continually bandwagon hop. They have a thing that I like to call "the flavour of the week." That is where they like one person in wrestling one moment, then the next moment they like some other guy to the point the bash them. I don't get why they do it. If you like a certain wrestler than that's cool. You don't stop being a fan because they turn face or they turn heel. You be a fan regardless. It's like your sports team being terrible. Even though you acknowledge they are not doing that good doesn't mean you start cheering for another team until they are doing good. You cheer for a team no matter what. But I guess people will continue to be that way, just like they are in wrestling.

In the end people need to get over it because there will be the next big thing once John Cena is done with the WWE and wrestling.

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