Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Live My Life Through God"

I was checking out some pictures on Facebook which a friend uploaded during our time at CBC (Covenant Bible College) and I came across some song lyrics I wrote.  The song is entitled "Live My Life Through God."

Verse 1:
I can feel your presence
When I start to pray
I can feel you with me
When I go about my day
You are the mighty one
But this is going to be hard to say

I want to walk with you
I don't want to fall behind
Lead me down the right path
I don't want to lose my way

Chorus x2:
I want to live my life through God
I want to live my life through God
Show me how Lord
Show me how Lord
To live my life through God

Verse 2:
I can feel you standing over me
In the dead of night
I'm not going to struggle
I'm not going to put up a fight
Please pick me up
With your power and your strength

Bridge 2:
Your strength is what I need
Please help me grow stronger
I need your eyes and ears
So I can see and hear you

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