Friday, August 26, 2011

James Hetfield Is A DOUCHE BAG

When I'm on YouTube I often times stray away from the original subject matter of the videos I was searching because the title of a video catches my attention and today was no different.  I found a couple of videos back during a 1994 Metallica tour.  James Hetfield shows himself to be a total douche bag as he makes jokes at Layne Staley's (R.I.P.) drug addiction twice.  You can tell by Hetfield motioning shooting up in the two videos.

YouTube link

YouTube link

In the first video, you can see Hetfield acting like a whinny bitch because people are throwing things at him.  That's life, get over it.  It's a douchey thing to rip on someone's addiction.  If you know about Metallica, right around the time they were going mainstream with their self-titled album or "The Black" album, you would know that Hetfield was a boozer.  You didn't see Staley ripping on Hetfield.  Maybe that's because he has more class than that.  He is dealing with his own stuff that he doesn't have time rip on anybody else.  Apparently in an interview years later Hetfield said that he didn't know Staley like he knew the rest of Alice in Chains.  Why would you talk shit about someone you don't even know or have a beef with.  Just go about doing your thing because making jokes about stuff like that makes you look like a huge chump.  Aside from their shitty music and their shitty drummer, stuff like this make you look even worse.  Metallica is overrated and the dumb Metallica marks can get all pissy if they want.

I have been around enough to know that there are some stupid Metallica fans that think it's sacrilegious if you don't praise and worship Metallica.  I'm not sorry that I don't like them and they are overrated hacks for the most part.  Their past few albums are proof that are crap.  I don't care if they continue to make their shitty music. I will pay attention to the bands and artists that are actually worth listening too.  Metallica can suck it for all I care.

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