Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Nycole Turmel: The Interim NDP Leader

Nycole Turmel, if you live in Canada and have been paying attention to the news than you would have heard that name over the last number of days and weeks.

She was appointed by NDP leader Jack Layton as the interim leader because Layton is dealing with another form of cancer which hasn't been revealed.  She is coming under fire for being a former card carrying member of the Bloc Quebecois.  But she only got a card for the Bloc Quebecois is because she supported a friend.  A question asked is why did she keep sending the annual renewal fee?  Apparently she agreed with some of the policies of the Bloc Quebecois.  From a non-Quebecer's standpoint the Block Quebecois have been criticized with being a separatist party.  But unless you've really looked into the Bloc, than you would come to the conclusion that they are a separatist group.  Has anyone even bothered to think that maybe she just kept sending in the annual fee without even thinking about it.

Now she is coming under fire for being a card carrying member of Quebec solidaire.  They are an extremist separatist party in Quebec.  That is all we really know.  But looking into Quebec solidaire, they have a socialist, green politics, alter-globalization, and feminist ideologies aside from their extreme separatist ideologies.  But people are only focusing on that.

Unless Turmel is expressly states separatist sentiments, than why are we getting bent out of shape?  We need not lose site of what Jack Layton is doing.  If Layton has confidence in her than we should give her a chance.  If she starts doing stuff that seemingly goes against what Layton wants than there is reason to worry and make a big deal.  But until such time let her do the job she was appointed.  Layton made inroads in Quebec and boosted his stature in the province.  So it's probably a just strategic move to increase his presence there.

When he comes back, Turmel will be back as an MP.  So this is just hopefully short term.

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