Friday, July 13, 2012

Having a Heatwave, A Tropical Heatwave

If you get reference in the title of this post, you'll be get bonus points.  If not, search it and it will make sense.

This week has been a hot one.  We've had a lot of rain this summer and now it's been this week.  The thunderstorm the other night at 2 am didn't do anything.  In fact it made it worse.  The rain made it so much more humid and muggy.  In fact I felt like I was going to have heat stroke near the end of the day at work.  But putting my head in water to cool down helped.

At the time of this post, it is still +22 Celsius.  If you want to convert that than go ahead.  This current temperature should tell you how hot it is at this moment.  I like it being nice and hot and all, but there comes a point when the heat can be too much.  You know this too be true when you start feeling the symptoms of heat stroke.  I had heat stroke one time and it was brutal.  I've never had it since mind you.  But the fact remains is that it's not fun.

Even in a basement it is HOT at the time of this post.  Even if we did a get this possible thunderstorm as it shows on the Weather Network, I doubt it will do anything.  Even though Saturday is going to be +25 Celsius according to the Weather Network, I bet the humidity will make it feel much hotter.  On Tuesday, it was +29, but the humidity made it feel like +36.

In the midst of all this heat, you need to keep hydrated.  A swim in a pool or lake would be great right about now.  If only I know someone with a pool at this time of night.  If only...

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  1. Totally, heat stroke is NOT fun. Hmm...maybe you could buy a paddling pool? Or a Slip 'n Slide?

    I'm actually in Massachusetts right now and it's quite warm but when I was tree planting the week before in Ontario it was pretty crazy hot, too.


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