Saturday, July 21, 2012

Meeting Tito Santana

WWE Hall of Famer and legend, Tito Santana
If you are a fan of something or someone, you only dream of meeting the person behind that something or that someone.  Most of who read my blog know that I am a huge professional wrestling fan.  This past Wednesday I got meet someone who I watched growing up.  This man is a legend, a WWE Hall of Famer, and has won many championships.  The I am referring to is Tito Santana.  But I am sure you already figured that out by the title of this post.

When I found out last month that he was the special guest on this months tour I was so pumped!  A part of my childhood is going to be in town and I will get to meet him!  I was so pumped and it was one of these moments I would never forget.

As soon as I walked into the German Concordia Club where High Impact Wrestling holds it's shows, I was marking out.  I was just in shock and awe that it was him that I had to immediately go and shake his hand!  Mr. Santana knew right away what I got a picture he was selling and got him to sign it.  I also got a picture with him.  He was such a class act.  He was so easy going and so easy to talk to.  I told him that he was a big part of my childhood.  I also said that my niece didn't understand the awesomeness of this.  He understood because she is only 13.

He won his match via disqualification during to being attacked by HIW star Wavell Starr.  Starr said in his match that he should have been the one to face Tito Santana.  But King Kash was booked to face Santana.  Kash and Starr were attacking him, than Cannonball made the save.  Cannonball issued a challenge for a tag team match against King Kash and Wavell Starr, but the challenge wasn't accepted.  I wish his match against King Kash would have went longer, but still awesome to see him live!

During intermission, he was taking pictures by the ring.  He had the AWF Championship with him.  That was very cool.  I told him I randomly found the AWF "Warriors of Wrestling" show on DVD, but it might not have been all the episodes.

Overall, this is an experience I'll never forget.  Meeting someone as legendary as him is just mind blowing.  Even though it's three days later, I still can't believe I got to meet him.  As Tito would say, "Arriba!"

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Matthew said...

Ah, that's awesome, Chris! It's great reading your excitement, it totally reminds me of when I met Dream Theater backstage...except I'm hoping the transmission in your car didn't die and then start on fire on your way home from the event, lol.