Tuesday, October 20, 2015

2015 Federal Election

Last night was an important night in Canadian history.  In fact, it was probably the most important night in Canadian history politics wise.  Canadians went to the polls in the highest turnout in over 20 years.  I went out and did my civic duty and voted.  Even though the one I voted for in my riding didn't get elected, it felt good to put my vote in.

What I have been wondering is the percentages of key demographics are.  Demographics such as first time voters, Native voters, 20-something
voters, senior voters, and immigrant voters.  I guess we might not ever know.

Even though this is my second time voting in a federal election, it feels good to vote.  A couple of friends voted for the first.  One who has never voted and the second probably because she wasn't old enough.  The older friend now has realized that her voice, opinion, and vote did matter.

Regardless of how you voted, you should have went to the polls voting on the issues rather than based on the party or just to get Stephen Harper out of office.  The latter two is just a lazy way to vote.

People are bitching about the result because, even though they wanted Stephen Harper out, they didn't want Justin Trudeau in.  In the 2011 federal election, we had the chance to vote in something different, but didn't.  With the Liberals once again back in power, this isn't the change they wanted.  But it looks like they are willing to Truedeau more of a chance than Tom Mulcair and the NDP because people can't separate the socialism on a provincial and national level.  If it wasn't for socialism, we as Canadians wouldn't have universal healthcare.  Do you really want to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a doctors visit.

People are not willing to give socialism a chance nationally because of how it has done on the provincial level.  In some ways I get that.  But you can't base how well socialism will do nationally based on how it has shit the bed in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, etc..  For all you know, it might actually work better than you expected.

For now, respect the decision of your fellow Canadians.  In 2019, you'll be able to once again make your vote count.  If you want don't liberals in office once again, make the informed choice and vote for another party.  But if history has taught us anything, we can't vote in any other party aside from Liberal or Conservative.  We are not a two tier party system like the United States.  We have that option to vote for more than just two parties.  We should learn to use it.  But I don't know when we will get it.  Till than, here is to voting Liberal or or Conservative in power.

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