Friday, January 22, 2016

Epileptic: Yes or No?

On Tuesday, January 19, 2016; I went to Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon to see the specialist about my seizures.  Here is the "verdict" as someone said.

The doctor, even with his Latino accent was easy to understand.  He was nice.  He was good at explaining stuff.  With that being said, I will continue on my anti-seizure medications.  Even though I haven't experienced a seizure, it is important I continue taking them.

I told him what lead up to the seizure.  Even though I am diabetic, that wasn't the main cause of it.  My mom and dad were sure that was it.  But I was told that it wasn't.  I high had glucose.  That was probably what lead to it.  So I got to keep that and my diabetes in check.

I was told the various things that could trigger a seizure.  As stated above, having high glucose and my diabetes are two factors that can trigger it.  A couple other factors are lighting and how much I drink.  When it comes to lighting, it is a common trigger.  Those flashing lights on Christmas lights and whatnot are what is the common trigger.  When it comes to drinking, if I have to much to drink where I get a hangover, that is another trigger.

I have another appoint in March.  The doctor wants to do more tests.  He will also fill the form and fax it over the SGI for medical purposes on my licence.

So the verdict is yes.  But as long as I keep everything in check, I will be fine.

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