Sunday, March 26, 2017

Carleton University Removes Scale ran two articles on March 12th and 13th respectively.  They were about Carleton University removing a scale from the school.  The school claims that remvoing the school is to "promote a more holistic approach to body image."  If you look the definition of holistic, you will get two definitions.  One is philosophical and the other is medicinal.  But it doesn't relate to the issue at all.  Nobody complained about the scale thus makes their claims of a "holistic body image" a crock of shit.

They removed it because they think people with eating disorders will get "triggered."  Nobody has gotten "triggered" though.  This is a pre-emptive move on the university's part.  Nobody has actual came forward complaining.  There is no issue.  They made one out of nothing.

If using a scale is such big deal, you do have the option to not use it.  You have freewill and the freedom of choice.  If I had a problem with something and I could easily not use it, than I wouldn't.  A scale isn't bad.  It helps athletes and those who want to track their weight loss progress.  Sure you can go a little far and be unhealthy in using the scale.  You can use the scale properly and it can be a great tool.  I use to the scale to track my weight loss progress.  Once I start gaining muscle, it will be used for that as well.

If Carleton University doesn't understand the value a scale holds, that's not the student body's fault.  If they'd rather be ignorant than educate, it shows poorly on them.  Instead of making a rash decision, they should have consulted the student body.  But that would be going about it the right way.  The ones that benefit from having the scale in the gym don't get consulted because, as stated, those who will get "triggered" get priority.  It's a joke.

Carleton University has said they will "weigh the pros and cons."  Is that just another way to stall on making decision?  The pros outweigh whatever cons there may be.  I think so anyways.  But it doesn't matter what the people think as they did this without any consultation as mentioned. As far as I'm concerned, I think that's not how you run things.  The university needs to bring back the scale.  The university needs to not act in a pre-emptive manner on anything without proper consultation and actual legit complaints before moving to do something.  The scale was not hurting anybody being there.  If it was bothering people, they could complain all they want.  But, as stated, they can choose not use it.  That's the easiest thing to do.  It's not like the sight of the scale is going to offend them.  A scale offending someone is a stupid notion.  I chuckled slightly at the idea of the scale actually offending someone.  The whole thing is a joke and Carleton University made the news all over the world because of this stupidty.  Congrats Carleton. Good job on looking like a joke.

There is a positive outcome to all of this.  A March 23rd article on has stated that the scale is coming back or is back.  Carleton University became a target of conservative media including Brietbart.  It was quite sad.

Apparently one has to be put in the men's change room as the women's change room has always had one?  The men's change room never had one?  Why?  It doesn't make sense to have one in the women's change room only.  The scale doesn't have to be out in the open.  Having them in the change room is something I am okay with.  The Fieldhouse in Saskatoon has a scale in the men's change room for instance.

The article states what I already said and that is athletes track their weight for sports with weight classes like boxing or wrestling for example.  But what I don't get is that they are saying there are people who applauded the decision to remove the scale because it is "triggering for some, especially those with eating disorders."  But if you the previous two articles from March 12th and 13th, it doesn't that anyone filed complaints in regards to getting "triggered."  Is this poor journalism or did Carleton University fail to mention that?  Or is Carleton University saying that to justify their original pre-emptive decision?

Whatever the reason, I still think the whole being "triggered" is a crock.  Once again, you have the option to not use the scale.  Nobody is forcing you to use the scale.  Freewill and freedom of choice.  If on the off chance that someone did complain, it took away another person's freedom to choose to use the scale.

If Carleton University wants to promote a healthy and positive body image, they can educate and do other things in terms informing people if they really want to promote that.  Taking away the scale doesn't do that.  Hopefully Carleton University has learned to not to act in a pre-emptive manner or in a rash manner when making a decision about anything.  It doesn't help anyone.  It shows a lack of caring about people's input.  Input is helpful in some situations.  The reality is that even though eating disorders are a very real thing, they can choose to not use the scale.  It has been said a couple of  times throughout this post, but it bares repeating.  If they have an eating disorder, they should seek help.  Carleton University shouldn't have gone to extremes and removed the scale.  Again, no formal complaints were made and there was no reason to.  Bringing them back was the right move.  They wouldn't have had to bring them back if they just left it alone.

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