Monday, November 27, 2017

Song of the Day #58

If you don't know who Graffiti6 is, they are a band from the United Kingdom.  I first heard of them when I heard their song "Free" on CBC Radio 2 on my morning drives to work when I worked at a tire recycler.

This version of "Over You" is a stripped down version from their 1 Mic 1 Take sessions.  The original is so good too.  But this one has this jazzy feel to it that gets you right in the feels.  It's about being over someone you were with and you're moving on.  That's the main meaning of the song.  It can also mean moving on from someone you liked because it's best.  I know that my buddy Mark will find this song appropriate in due time.

"Over You" by Graffiti6
YouTube link

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