Thursday, November 30, 2017

What We Take For Granted

For those that don't know, I work as a product advisor/sales doing demos at the new Costco in Saskatoon.  I have a done a variety of products.  Today I was legit excited because I did the Chicago mix popcorn.  It's one product I have wanted to demo since I started in November.

As I was standing, waiting for people to come and sample/buy my product, I seen a elderly couple down my aisle.  I happened to notice that they took a three pack of the canned corned beef.  It's the classic can with the key on it.  The key is used to open the can.  I said to the couple that my mom used to buy that for my dad to make Reuben sandwiches with.

The gentleman stopped where I was setup and told me a story.  He told that he was a child of The Depression.  He grew up in the 30s.  They didn't have the most money.  He said this person in school would bring a can of whatever and the can had the key.  They were able to afford that because they had more money.  Those cans of corned beef with the key remind him of that.

It got me thinking that nowadays, a lot of us take things like that for granted.  We buy stuff like that and not even think about it.  It also showed me that we can be reminded of memories from items that others might think of as random.  I didn't get this gentleman's name, but I really appreciate that he took the time to tell me that story.

We all take things for granted, but every now and then we are reminded not to when we are told stories like this.  I always like hearing stories from years gone by.  It was something my Uncle Jack, rest his soul, would always do.  That was one of the highlights of my work day.  I hope you had a experience in your day like that.

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