Saturday, March 07, 2009

"C.C. Likes To..."

Google Game: Go to Google and type in quotation marks your name and then "likes to" (ex. "Steve likes to"). Then type in the first ten things that come up and repost in your own note and tag people so that they do it too!

1. C.C. likes to score a lot of points! (Of course I do. Who doesn't?)
2. C.C. likes to stress that their licenses are adapted to many jurisdictions. (What does that even mean?)
3. C.C. likes to characterize itself to Wall Street as a content company. (Right... all the time...)
4. C.C. likes to jump on the freedom bandwagon. (Sure, freedom is a good thing to have.)
5. C.C. likes to hit and is from the west coast. (Well the prairies is as close to the that as I will come to being from the west coat).
6. C.C. likes to sleep too! (Hells yeah! Sleep does a body good.)
7. C.C. likes to play and have fun. (Of course I do. Who doesn't?)
8. C.C. likes to lie on our blankets. (Sure, I will go with that.)
9. C.C. likes to call "conscious cuisine" or "feel good food." (What does that mean?)
10. C.C. likes to bat. (I don't play softball or baseball all that much, but sure).

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