Monday, June 27, 2011

The JAPW Women's Championship & Women's Division

Two years ago to the day we saw Sara Del Ray defeat ODB to become the first JAPW Women's Champion.  With JAPW seemingly expanding the women's division, it looked like it could be something good for the promotion.  I had no doubt that she would hold the title for sometime and have many successful defenses.  But as time wore on, Del Ray went one year into her reign.  Not a big deal.  She continued to turn away opponents with a few more successful defenses.  But now with her last defense being well over six months ago on December 11, 2010, we see her as the two year champion. With three other women in the division, is it worth it to keep the belt around if we know more than likely that Del Ray will retain?  It doesn't even seem like the women in JAPW who are mainstays are being put in situations to make it look like they really want a shot at the title and want to take the belt off Del Ray.  That is through no fault of their own.  Maybe you can say it's the booking which is the issue.  Or you can say that since JAPW is running less shows that, you'll see the JAPW Women's Championship on a very limited basis.

Is that something you want?  I sure don't.  Sure I live in another part of the world and can't come to any shows, but I follow JAPW via the Internet and know what's happening because I follow this promotion on Twitter, go on their forum, and whatnot.  It's travesty that something that looked good from the onset with their JAPW Women's Division shows, that it comes has come to this.  There is still great potential to have a good women's division, but more talent needs to be brought in and the title should be defended more than it has.

I look to the indys for great women's wrestling because the WWE isn't delivering and TNA has had flashes of brilliance the last couple years.  I would like to see JAPW return to a full-time schedule because this way it would give the women's division the opportunity to expand and become the division I know it can be.  But if JAPW is only going to have the amount of shows it's now having, than the women's division will either have die a death before it really got the chance to shine or it will have such growing pains that it will be difficult to watch.

Now, don't get me wrong, Del Ray is a great talent and has been a great JAPW Women's Champion.  But there comes a time when change needs to happen.  A change in champions is just what this division needs.  That and bringing in more talent to baluster the roster so actual feuds for the title can happen and not just one off matches.  Having programs for the title would also be beneficial for not only Del Ray but the division as a whole.  Either feuds for the title need to happen or a new champion needs to be crowned.  Truthfully, how much longer will Del Ray's title reign go before people start calling it stale?

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