Friday, June 17, 2011

Stupid Fans and Stupid Morons

I find it funny and sad how people are ripping on the Vancouver Canucks when they don't win especially some Canucks fans. The better team won, so people need to deal with it...

With that being said, people need to stop being such poor losers and take it in stride.  Some fans are quick to be a fan when they are winning and doing well, but when they are not, people are quick to lose hope and even turn their back.  If you are a fan, than you should be a fan through thick and thin.  I've been a fan of my favourite teams through some of their worst times.  That's the mark of a loyal fan.  But I guess it's only good to be a fan when a team or athlete does well...  We would want you to be loyal or anything.

What's wrong with giving Vancouver Canucks or any team or athlete for that matter your loyalty not matter how they are perceived by others?  I guess being loyal is not a good thing...

The American media needs to get their heads out of their asses because generalizing the Vancouver Canucks as Canada's team is pretty stupid.  Not all Canadians like the Canucks.  But I guess since it's a Canadian team they assume all Canadians will cheer for them, but that is oh so not the case.

But what's worse is the black eye we thought healed up from 1994 and during the G20 Summit when they had the Olympics.  But this made it comeback with this riot.  It shows how stupid people can get when they drink and get in big crowds of people.  What's worse, middle aged men and women were laughing and cheering on their behaviour before it really got started.  That gets the people started and they don't nothing of  it.  It than escalates from there.

The mayor of Vancouver, Gregor Robertson tried to dumb down the incident saying it was a group of a few people causing problems.  No it wasn't just a few people.  He is trying to downplay the magnitude of it.  He also it was a few anarchists.  No it wasn't a few anarchists.  People were saying it was a black bloc because there were people seen wearing masks, but it wasn't.  It was a large group of people.  They came prepared for this.  They came ready to cause some damage and destruction.  They didn't care what they did.  It wasn't their property, so why give a damn.  If it was their property, than they would have cared.  The sad fact is that some of the instigators came from Seattle.  The fact they got over the border is baffling.

Not only that, but the police presence was very minimal.  They obviously didn't learn from 1994 or the G8 Summit.  I heard that in Times Square, they have a shit load of police that you can't do anything without a police officer being there.  Now if Vancouver had a huge police presence, than this may not have happened.

This all could have been avoided, but no, Vancouver wanted to be oblivious to it all.  This has made international headlines and has made Vancouver and the province of British Columbia look bad.  Vancouver seems to have a great cultural presence and whatnot, but this stupid shit that is pulled again makes them look bad.  Vancouver needs to a hard look at this and make some serious changes so this doesn't happen again.  This didn't happen in Calgary, Edmonton, or Ottawa.  So why Vancouver?  Do they continually want to give themselves a bad name?  I guess so.

Go to,, or any other website and submit pictures and videos.  Let's bring these bastards to justice.  So far at least one has been charged due to posting stuff online bragging about it.  Let's keep it going!

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