Monday, June 13, 2011 - Artists I've Downloaded So Far is website created by Mark Nicholas, David McCollum, Brannon McAllister, and most notably Derek Webb of the Christian rock band Cademon's Call in May 2007.  It was created because of the response to Webb's 2005 album "Mockingbird" and the success it had in it's free distribution.  Webb got the idea after he noticed the sales of his albums and attendance at his shows increased.  So that's a bit of a condensed history of the website.  Basically is way to get free trade music.

So lately I've been browsing that site and looking around at some artists.  There are a lot of Christian artists, folk/folk rock artists, jazz artists, rock artists, etc.. You can search based on top downloads, what's new, artist name, album, for fans of (meaning if you like U2 for example, than anyone who has them as for fans of, they will show up), and finally genre.  To get the album or song you are listening to you, you just enter in your email and postal or zip code.  Than you will get emailed your download link which is good for five days.  If you so choose, you can leave the artist as tip as a show of your gratitude for making some of their music available for download on  Just use the slider to set how much you want to tip.  So far I've downloaded 18 solo artists, duos, groups, and bands, etc..  When I download more, I will share them with you!

The Vespers
"Eyes Wide Open" off the album "Tell Your Mama"
YouTube link

The Local Strangers
"Haunted Ghost" off their debut EP "The Local Strangers"
YouTube link

John Thomas Oaks & Grand Central
"Journey to the Center of Your Heart" off the album "Blue York"
YouTube link

Tim Pepper
"Are You Coming Home" acoustic version
YouTube link

Jas Patrick
"Best I Can Be" off the album "Working on My Soul"
YouTube link

The Dirt Daubers
"The Devil Gets His Due"
YouTube link

I couldn't find a good quality version of the song entitled "Wayfaring Stranger" by The Dirt Daubers I wanted to post.

Red Mountain Church
"Help My Unbelief" off the album "Help My Unbelief"
YouTube link

Eric Baker
"The Chair" off the album "Hope & Thin Space"
Bandcamp link

"Paper Ghost" off the album "A Violent Flame"
YouTube link

The Walla Recovery
"She Said" off their debut EP "With Trembling..."
YouTube link

Cary Brothers
"Under Control"
YouTube link

Luke Brawner
"A Rock in a Wilderness" off the album "Flannelgraph Sessions"
 Bandcamp link

Poor Rick Folk
"Grace" off the album "No More Than a Window"
Bandcamp link

The Fiction Writers
"Mile a Minute"
Bandcamp link

two seconds away
"Freakin Me Out"
Reverbation link

Chase Foster
"He Won't Miss You Like I Do?"
YouTube link

I couldn't find his cover of Billy Joel' "Vienna" which is the song I did download.

Justin Caldwell
"Please Don't Go" off the album "Hill Studio Sessions"
YouTube link

Ohio Avenue
"Shine Through" off the album "The Sound"
YouTube link

I hope you enjoyed these artists I've downloaded. Go to and discover some new artists today.

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