Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Saskatchewan Roughriders Start 0-3

Have you had enough time to digest the 33-3 beat down the Saskatchewan Rougriders were handed courtesy of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats?  I understand if you haven't.  If you haven't seen the highlights of the game.  Here they are.

YouTube link

The Roughriders haven't had this bad of a start in 11 years.  So we haven't been accustomed to seeing this bad of a start in some time.  What is needed to be done to improve this team?  Does Darian Darant need to sit out a game and Ryan Dinwiddie put in.  Put in second stringers and back ups in place of our starters?  What is the answer to the problems facing the team?  It was said that special teams was the problems.  But if special teams got us the points, than that's not the problem.  Something's got to give or we won't make the playoffs.

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