Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Saskatchewan NDP Is Not Getting My Vote

Saskatchewan has a provincial election coming up.  It's basically between the Saskatchewan Party and the New Democratic Party.  But certain people running for MLA as an NDP candidate don't even use party colours on their billboard.  Instead they are using Saskatchewan Party colours.  Also, they are not even acknowledging Dwain Lingenfelter, the leader of the NDP, in their literature.  How sad is that?

Are they are not wanting to have it known that are running for a party that is in such disarray?  If that's the case, than why don't they run for a party that they can be proud to run for.  I wouldn't run for the Saskatchewan NDP either or at least acknowledge I was.  With the stupid shit they are doing and the unions having their hands up their ass like puppets.  I would be embarrassed to run for them.  The NDP needs to get back in order and show their candidates and people in general they are a party worth running for.  But unfortunately that hasn't happened.

Until they can actually do something worth while in office (that is if they can get back in office anytime soon), than I'm not voting for them.  If you look at the NDP history over the past 20 years, you can see they reduced the population by driving people elsewhere, not reducing the provincial debt, not making wages on par with other provinces, etc..  With the Saskatchewan Party, they have reduced the debt, increased population, increased jobs, etc..

So you can clearly see that no matter how much they try to spin it, they will not get my vote.  Like I said, they have to prove they are worthy of it and with Dwain Lingenfelter as leader, that's not going to happen.  He will be the first NDP leader to not get elected as premiere. That is if he doesn't get elected before he retires.


Clinton said...

The NDP have seen better days for sure. I think in about 8 years or so they may be renewed enough to gain support. I predict the will win 12 of 58 seats this time around. Currently the Sask Party is the best party for our province

Mr. C.C. said...

I've never seen them do anything worth while since I've been alive. Lorne Calvert did like one of two things, but overall they've made Saskatchewan a have not province. Brad Wall have made Saskatchewan a have province.

This is the worst I've seen NDP and if they continue on this path they may won't be the number two party for long.

The numbers show that the Saskatchewan Party is the best party to lead our province into the future.

I don't even think that they will get that many seats. If they do, it will be a shock.