Thursday, December 08, 2011

Bluegrass Goodbye to the Shurr Family

Sunday is Brandon's final day.  His family and himself are moving back to Indiana to plant a church in his wife, Jessica's, hometown of Bloomington.  I am playing in worship and it will be awesome.  It is a bluegrass themed worship where we take old hymns like "I'll Fly Away," "Softly and Tenderly Jesus," "Amazing Grace," and others and put a bluegrass spin on them. I am playing the kick and snare.  I will also sing.  I am just so pumped.  It will be a great time to celebrate Brandon and his family and all that they have done for the church.

We will have another practice on Friday evening.  It will be awesome.  I feel the spirit of the Lord when I am playing.  I've never felt it this strong when playing music.  We will do a quick run through on Sunday morning.

I thank the Brandon for all he has done for the church.  Please keep them in your prayers as they plant a church in Bloomington and get settled.  The Shurr Family will be missed.

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