Thursday, December 29, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Movement

I've been sitting on this for a while now and have been just trying to collect my thoughts.  This post stems from a status on Facebook.  But now I've decided to actually finish this post...

Apparently the "Occupy Wall Street" movement is still happening.  What I want to know is, what has it accomplished?  Has Wall Street took notice and thought "lets change things?"  Have corporations changed how they run?  No!  They are still doing what they have been doing for eons and not batting an eye.  They are making money, so why do they care if they stay the same?

I understand there are a portion of the people that protest to try and get changes to happen (which may never happen).  But there are a portion of the people that protest because they think it's cool to protest and try and stick it to the man.  I'm all for sticking it to the man if it accomplishes something, but I have yet to hear or read about it accomplishing something.

I've been saying that if they truly want to make a change, than they should do it from the inside by working their way up through a company or corporation and try to bring about change that way.  I would think that this is the smart way to go.  Or so one would think, but people would rather be unproductive and complain about things being so shitty instead of trying.  I am all for protesting, but doing this is a cop out to not having to do anything from within to bring about change.  Sure you'll feel satisfied (for a lack of a better word) knowing that you brought through protesting.  But wouldn't you feel better if you brought about change from within knowing you worked hard to bring about that change?  Maybe it's the fact I grew up being told to work hard (even though I don't a lot of times) that I feel that change should be brought from within.

It's not only all the above stuff I mentioned, but also that the "Occupy Wall Street" movement has been funded by the wrong people.  People don't realize who it's funded by.  George Soros has funded the movement yet he is in one of the groups (Wall Street) that people are protesting against.  Isn't this the biggest heir of irony?  People like to be oblivious and think their particular "Occupy Wall Street" protest is not funded by a guy like Soros, for exmaple, but in reality they don't know who is funding it.  Their particular protest could be funded by the crookedest people in corporations or Wall Street and they wouldn't be none-the-wiser to it.

In some places I've heard about that have these protests, they have been violent.  Isn't being violent taking away from the intent of why you are protesting?  Isn't the counterproductive and change the focus onto something else other than the intent of the protests?  Plus it only takes one person to get the crowd violent and whatnot.

Maybe I'm looking at the surface of this issue.  Maybe it goes much deeper.  Either way, I have yet to hear or read about their protests bringing about even the slightest change.

Oh and to the Saskatoon man who didn't buy Christmas presents for his children because it is supporting the corporations, you can buy presents at businesses that are not corporations.  I may have bought Christmas presents at corporate stores, but it wasn't at mega corporation department starts like Walmart.  There are alternatives and it can be done.  Just saying...

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