Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year

I didn't post about my Christmas because I didn't really have anything to say.  I could have rambled on about my mellow Christmas at my mom and stepdad's, but that would be the same as every year now.  I could have said how I spent time with some of my other family and my friend Mark.  But that would be like every year.  I'm not trying to dumb these down.  It's just that it's something I've been doing every year now.  But on the bright side, hanging out with my friend Mark is always a good time because we hardly get to hang out and chill because of him being in Winnipeg and I being in Saskatoon.  I want to try and get to Winnipeg sometime soon.

Now that it is 2013, I think what may possibly come in this year.  I'm not necessarily going to make a New Years resolution because more often than not I will not follow through with it.  In general, 92 percent of don't follow through with their resolution.  That's means a sad and low eight percent actually stick to their resolution.  Is it easier to not stick with your New Years resolution?  Is it easier to say you'll do it next year? Whatever the case is, we find it easier to just push it aside and do it some other time.

If we didn't call it a resolution, would that make it better in helping you stick with it?  Maybe not because it still is a resolution.  Why can't we just do something without it being a resolution?  Maybe that is a bit of a complex question that may need a complex answer which I don't know.  Maybe setting a resolution could be motivating.  Than again, it can't be if only eight percent actually follow through with their resolution.

I've made the odd resolution in my life.  As a whole, I don't believe in making a resolution because of it being easy to break it.  Setting a resolution isn't motivation.  There should be other reasons to do something.  For example, getting out of debt shouldn't be a resolution.  Something like that should be a no-brainer to do.  But people make a resolution to do it.  In the words of Nike, "Just do it."  But it's easier to put it off then to do it.

I'm not wanting to harp on or keep talking about resolutions.  I just want to progress in the projects that I'm doing like my videos, podcasting, blogging, and music.  I want to make money with my music and videos on YouTube so I can have that extra money to save.  I'll keep plugging away at it so I can start making money at it.  Aside from my projects, I'll try to do what is best for me personally.

Hope you have a happy New Year.  May 2013 be better than 2012 if it was crap for you.

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