Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Reexamining Faith

On Sunday, my friend from the United States messaged me on Facebook and said she went to church.  I told her it's great she is going.  She proceeded to tell me that she went on Christmas Eve and she really enjoyed it.  This could the direction she needs in her life.

I asked her what denomination the church is.  She wasn't able to tell right off.  So she linked me to this church's website.  So I was looking around and I found which denomination they are.  It says they are independent of one denomination which is basically non-denominational.  I continued look around the site and see that this church looks very mega church by their one image.  It's an image of their stage which shows their service times located on the front page.  My friend said it is in that vain of a church.  I told her why I have a disdain for mega churches.  I've said why in previous posts.  So I won't get into it at this time in this post why I have a disdain for them.

My friend proceeded to tell me very personal stuff, which I won't say out of respect for her, that stopped her from going to church for many, many years.  Basically she said she wondered where God was when all this bad stuff was happening.  That is one legitimate concern (for a lack of a better term) that people have with believing.  But she gave up on God because she thought she didn't need Him in her life.  That is common for a lot of people.  She managed to get through those times.  Which I'm proud of her for doing.

I told her that she shouldn't have given up so easily.  She did, but it would have made her stronger to still believe amidst all the struggles she was going through at that time.  She can't change the past, but only go forward with her faith by going back to it.  I think it's great first step in rediscovering and reexamining faith to start going back to church.  I truly hope she can build upon this and that she won't lose site of her faith.

I pray for blessings upon her as she starts back in the Christian faith.  Much love to one of my best female friends.  Shalom!

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  1. It's cool to hear about your friend. Not just that she has gone to church but that she has started to make a positive change in her life and is working through her past. I would also say don't be too dismissive of mega churches. Sure, they have their problems, as you and I have discussed, but so do many churches. The Roman Catholic church may be the most theologically sophisticated but they are currently plagued with sex scandals. The United Church may be one of the most socially minded churches but they lack of a vigorous piety has left them with a passionless church that is in dire straits to sustain itself. If this megachurch is helping your friend back into the church it may very well be a blessing. It is time to let God do the work.


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