Friday, November 20, 2015


Everybody gets headaches in their life.  But lately I've been getting these nasty headaches.  Finally I went to a walk-in clinic yesterday evening.  The doctor told me based on what I've told him is that I got muscle tension headaches.  Hopefully taking Advil will cure me of my headaches.  They are brutal and don't wish on even my worst enemy.  I took some Advil a few hours ago.  Let's hope in another few hours I feel better.  I just want these headaches to go away.  Until then I'll just keep taking Advil, drinking lots of fluids, and trying to keep my place cool.

I hope you are doing well.  If not, peace be with you and shalom.  I trust you will get through it.  I hope I get through these headaches.  I don't want to be stuck doing nothing because of these headaches.  Being robbed of a life because of a medical issue is not something I want.  I'll see how Friday goes.  Peace out.

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