Saturday, December 05, 2015

Diabetes, My New Life

Living with diabetes is a something new for me.  It is a process of learning my diet, taking pills, testing myself, and all the rest of the stuff that comes with it.

Looking back, hindsight is 20/20.  I should have listened to my parents and this would have been prevented.  I was stubborn.  What's done is done.  Now I have pun to live with the consequences of my actions.  It is a hard pill to swallow.

Yes, there is diabetes in my extended family.  Sure that was lingering in the back of my mind.  That still didn't make me change.  You might say that I shouldn't beat myself up over this.  But at times it is hard not too.  But now, I'm rolling with the punches and taking this one day at a time.

I've started to make some changes in my life that will go towards make myself better in terms of my overall health.  But there is more to do.  Diabetes is an ongoing lifestyle change.

What I'm asking my friends and family to do is help  make myself better.  Be the support I need.  Help me stick to making better choices in my life.

I do appreciate the positive vibes, prayers, and thoughts during my time in the hospital.  There is a lot to learn when it comes to diabetes.  If you can prevent it for yourself, than do so.  You don't want to feel overwhelmed because during the first week it has been overwhelming.

Take care of yourself.  Godspeed!

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