Monday, April 18, 2016

Pushing Myself to Lose Weight

Last week I pushed myself.  I pushed myself to start to get some weight off.  I have to do it because of my diabetes.  The beautiful weather is motivation for me to get out there and do a lot of walking and a little jogging.  Proof that it is working is that I have reduced another unit of insulin.  I am down to 29 units.  That is a positive.  The more I work at this, the positives will keep coming.  It may not seem like it now, but it takes time.

I know I have been going harder than rest of the winter with the walking and exercise.  You might even say that I might be overdoing it.  But I have never pushed myself this hard to do this at all.  I wouldn't count the summer of 2010 because I just walked and there were other factors at work during that time.  So it was not like I was pushing myself.

While I was pushing myself last week, I never felt it at the time.  But upon finishing my long walks, I can feel the soreness all over my body.  After the long walk yesterday (Sunday), I really felt it.  I also felt it after my 2 1/2 hour jog on Tuesday.  I don't usually jog.  Now I am slowly building my stamina for jogging.

I have mentioned, maybe not in a blog post, that when I don't walk, I feel slugish.  That was during the winter.  Maybe winter has that effect in making you feel slugish.  I don't feel so slugish now that the beautiful weather is here.  Maybe that is all the hard work so far is paying off.  When I get back to Saskatoon, I am hoping to get some people walking with me.  Keep me motivated.  Maybe I'll get some walking to get their ass moving.  I am thinking my buddy Brad.  BWAHAHAHAHA!

Well, I need a few days to recuperate.  I am so sore.  So, in the mean time and in between time.  Made a classic Ed Whalen reference.  R.I.P.!

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