Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Jujyfruits Rules!!!

Yesterday I ate my first box of Jujyfruits. You know the boxed candy that Elaine Bennis on Seinfeld is addicted to? I must say, they are really good for artificial flavoring. Where did you get you Jujyfruit you ask?

Well, in Saskatoon go to The Centre at Circle & 8th Mall. Once inside go down the area where the theaters are. Then find a store called Pine & Fancy. That is where you will find Jujyfruit. When you are in Waskesiu, you can find a Pine & Fancy there also. I was talking to the man who was there and I said made a reference to Seinfeld while holding up a box of Jujyfruit. That man said that they like to get in candy that you don't normally find. I must say that there is a lot candy and other such items you won't hardly.

Anyways, I also bought a couple of Wonka Bars. My niece and I watched Charlie & The Chocolate Factory starring Johnny Depp on Saturday and she wanted a Wonka. So I bought here one for a surprise when they come up on the 14th because of the winter break. It wasn't the small bar either. It was the big one. But there is no golden ticket. I stayed at my sisters place in Saskatoon over the weekend. Whenever in Saskatoon or Waskesiu, I recommend you buying some Jujyfruit, once you have a box, there is no turning back.

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