Monday, June 23, 2008

John Shelby Spong And Gay Rights Activisim

I was looking up John Shelby Spong, yes I know some people hate him with a passion and I understand why, and I have come to read that Spong has some of the ideas about the church. I was looking on Wikipedia and there is a section on his Spong's article about new reformation and the part of Spong's ideas that I have in common with him is the fact he is an advocate for gay rights in the church. Spong moreso in society as a whole. But myself, that's something I have come bring on as an idea over the last many number of years. It was strengthened when I was doing my Story of the Church project when I was attending CBC in 2006-2007. My project was the history of Anglicanism and I was doing research and found that the Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, has the view that all people should including gays and lesbians should be allowed to come to the table and feast. For those that don't know, when I say the table, I am meaning communion. Spong does have it down when advocating for equality in the church in regards to gays and lesbians. The stuff I have read doesn't go into great detail, but his activism in the church is part of this new reformation.

Reading more on Spong sheds him in a different light even though his writings are controversal and radical. He does make sense on some of his ideas.

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