Monday, August 09, 2010

Something Missing

Don't you ever get that feeling from time to time that something is missing in your life? I am having this feeling. I feel that I know what I am missing, but I just don't how to get what it is that I am missing. I just need that one thing to fill the void. No, it's not the fact that I need a job. It's something else. I just need it to fill the void. Maybe I'm over thinking it. Maybe I do have it, but maybe in other ways.

I've been feeling this way since yesterday (Sunday). Do I really need what I feel I need? I feel I do, but I hear some people talking that they don't want it. No, not the one person, but another person. I don't know, maybe what I need will come in time. Maybe what I need from someone will come when it's right. I don't know. I have done searching and looking off and on for about a couple months now for what I need. But it doesn't seem to get any easier especially now that I need something to fill void or have the feeling I need something.

I never felt the need for something to fill a void or felt something this strong. Oh well, I guess I will keep looking.

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