Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Mentality of People

Recently, College Park Covenant Church in Saskatoon was broken into and stole a few items.  They stole the projector, two djembes (one being the church's and the other being Kelly's), the drum kit, a laptop, a garbage canister, a guitar (Kathleen's guitar from her office), and headphones from the sound booth.  They were going to steal the keyboard and soundboard, but must have gotten scared off.  They also scattered some keys around.  So locks are going to be possibly changed.  The people even went downstairs and ate food from the kitchen.  They had their own little meal.  Jokingly, someone said they should have stolen the TV.

There was speculation as to how they got in.  One is they could have gotten through the window they broke in Colin and Kelly's office.  Or they could have hid in a dark place in the church while people were downstairs Thursday for Coffee Club.  Apparently there is an eclectic mix of people who go to the Coffee Club.  Maybe one of them could of done it.  Another person who may have done it might have been someone who goes to the Clothing Depot or who uses our food bank services.  But we might never know.

Yesterday at the congregational meeting, we discussed this.  We discussed getting an alarm system and possibly locking the doors while you are downstairs when stuff is going on like the Coffee Club.  Other things that were discussed is that the front door has a hook up for it to ding when someone goes in and out.  But I doubt people want to keep going up and down to check who it is.  Someone said that if we have security cameras that we might have been able to identify the person.  So we might get security cameras.

I just don't get why someone would steal stuff from a church.  Generally a church is their for people and College Park Covenant Church has done a lot of the surrounding community of College Park.  It's just mind boggling as to why this happened.  What would make someone do this?  But until everything with the insurance is straightened out and we can get some new drums, I don't know what capacity I'll in worship.

May God have mercy on this wicked souls.  It's just stupid on their part.

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