Thursday, May 17, 2012

Violence in Entertainment vs. Christianity

I was on Facebook Tuesday morning and Marc Vandersuly posted a status about the "Avengers."  The comments took a turn to someone saying that they can handle swearing and sex, but not violence.  I found that to be ironic.  Marc replied by saying that they only don't like violence if it's "gory" or "extreme."  Basically, domestic violence in entertainment such as movies or television don't bother them because it's not "gory" or "extreme."  I dually noted by saying that was backwards.

In movies and television, violence doesn't bother me because a lot of it is fiction.  With that, I am disconnecting myself from reality.  Now I do understand that it's the individual beliefs of that have them feel the way they do.  But why they would feel this way about violence in entertainment verses sex and swearing baffles me.  Some people I've talked to feel the same way about three things.  That makes more sense.

Why do a portion of Christians have to shy away from this issue like it's taboo is baffling and beyond me.  There is violence all throughout the Bible.  The Old Testament is riddled with violence.  God is wrathful against the people who do wrong and disobey.  There is also violence against Jesus in the New Testament.  Jesus is beaten and crucified.  With that being said, these same Christians don't shy away from the violence in the Bible, but in movies.  What happened to Jesus can be looked upon as "gory" yet they'd never think that.  I find that to be very odd.  But we understand Jesus had this violence bestowed upon him to forgive our sins.

Maybe I am wrong for comparing two opposite things.  Movies for the most part are fiction while the Bible is real as it did happen.  But maybe I'm not wrong for comparing the two.  I just find it puzzling that a person would feel like this about this?  Am I missing something?  It seems pretty black and white.  Why is there this gray area?  Maybe it's one of those things I'll never fully understand.

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