Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Victoria Day Long Weekend - Wiener Roast at the Farm and Wakesiu

I got to get away from Saskatoon this Victoria Day long weekend.  It was my niece Allie's birthday on Saturday.  She became a teenager!  She turned 13.  So on Sunday we had a small gathering at the farm with some family and friends to celebrate her turning 13.  We had a wiener roast at the farm.  Even though we had a few people, it still was a great time to sit outside in the very nice weather and roast wieners and fellowship with the ones that were there.  Great afternoon and early evening!

On Monday my mom asked me if I wanted to go up to Waskesiu with her and my step dad.  Of course I said yes.  We took a small picnic to eat up at one of picnic spots just past the town site.  The first spot we went to was windy, so we went to another spot which was much better in terms of no wind.  My step dad and I went for a bit of walk through the wood at the one spot.  I skipped stones at both spots, but I was bit rusty at doing that.  I didn't always skip them as some of them just hit the water with a plunk.  I got a couple of rocks to skip six times.  But my average was two or three and sometimes four skips.  I got the odd ones to skip five times.  But still not the greatest at it.  There were a lot of rocks that lined the shore.  My mom wanted to take a bunch of the rocks home.  So we picked a box full or so.

On the way back to go home, we stopped at Waskesiu River.  I've never been there.  My mom and step dad said they never usually see fish, but this time we saw a lot.  We walk the trail on the boardwalk and woods.  On the boardwalk we seen two geese and six goslings.  On of the goslings got up on a rock and one of parent geese got up on the rock too.  The goslings were cute.  Than we saw three fish later on the boardwalk.  While in the woods part of the trail, we saw two deer.  It was so awesome to see them up that close.  My step dad heard something and was looking to see what it was and saw a deer.  The deer stopped and seen us, than kept going.  As we kept going we saw the other deer.  The whole Waskesiu River trail was 2kms. It was great exercise!

Overall a great day at Waskesiu.  It's been a number of years since I've been there.  Proof of that is there is a Traxx Footwear where Subway used to be.  We seen lots of wildlife on the way to and from Waskeisu lots of deer, elk, fish, and a heron.  Next time I want to take my mom and step dad on the Boundary Bog!  The Boundary Bog is a great walk in the woods.  Being one with nature is great because it lets you forget about your life for a fleeting moment or two.

While getting stuff ready to take Waskesiu, I told my step dad that I wrote a song with my good friend Mark entitled "A Day Like Any Other Day" and some of the stuff in the song was happening.  I told Mark about it and he thought it was awesome.  For instance lyrics such as "P.A.'s looking to gray, I'd rather spend my day in Waskesiu."  All that happened.  The first three lines of the song, "Sitting on the back porch, drinking Arizona Iced Tea, watching the world pass by" almost happened.  I had an Arizona Iced Tea in my car, but I didn't sit on the back porch drinking it watching the world pass by.  But it would have been awesome if the whole song happened.  Oh well, the parts that did happen was still awesome!

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