Friday, January 04, 2008

Thinking About Lent And Vespers

Yes I know Lent is not for a couple of months, but lately it has been creeping into my brain. I have been thinking about what I should do for Lent. Should I do what I did last year and not eat any junk food and not drink any pop? I already proved to myself that I can go without that stuff. So is it worth it to do it again? Or is it something I have to do again? I mean I went back to eating that stuff and the promises I made to myself when I came to Saskatoon seem to not be happening. It seems easier to just forget about not keeping up with promises that I know I need to keep. But when there is nobody to keep your accountable all the time, than it's easy to stray from what you should be doing.

So I am wondering what I should do for Lent. Should I just do the same thing as last year? Or should I just go forty days and nights without any food? Even the thought of going without food has crossed my mind. But my mom says that everyone needs to eat no matter who you are. In some semblance I do agree with my her. In another sense, it's no how much I eat, but what I eat that is the problem. Eating junk food, fast food, quick and easy food that doesn't take long to make, etc.. Stuff that not necessarily the healthiest for you. I need to get off that and more healthy. But if you know me than you know I have thing about eating vegetables. I only eat corn and potatoes. I guess I am straying too far off topic.

I guess I am having a major brain fart as to what I should do or rather no do for Lent. Maybe I am putting to much thought into all of this. Bah! God will show me what I am to give up for Lent. Or at least show me signs. I guess I should pray about this. I just need some direction. Any direction at all.

Another thing I have been thinking about is vespers. I have been strongly considering going to the Evangelical Orthodox Church here in Saskatoon and partaking in there Saturday nght vespers service. I have thought that it would be a good way to get back in a regular routine in my Christian life. Since moving back to Saskatoon, I have basically been in a slump as far as my spiritual and religious portion of my life. I need to get back to praying and just getting back to how I was at CBC with being devoted to praying. I want to get back to that in someway. Getting back to doing vespers would be a good start.

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