Friday, December 10, 2010

Retards Jump Off Roof Into A Table

I know I've posted it and I still find it stupid they did this, but here is infamous clip of two dumbasses jumping off a roof performing a professional wrestling move known the Kryptonite Krunch, Celtic Cross, or Air Raid.  Yes there was a big possibility for injury and they knew that, but they did it anyways.  Apparently the guys in the video are trained professionals, but I have a hard believing that.

The best part of the video is people asking if they are okay and what's wrong.  Of course they are okay and of course nothing is wrong...  They are just rolling around in pain because they want to sell
it.  Oh wait... it's just some yard tards being yard tards.  Yard tard is slang term for backyard wrestler.  I can respect someone who actually decides to get trained if they once were a backyard wrestler, but people who just do backyard wrestling with no desire to get trained, then I can't respect that especially the ones who do the ultraviolent, extreme, hardcore, and deathmatch styles of wrestling like it's cool to do so.  It's best left up to the people who actually have training.

Have a laugh at theses two dumbasses expense.

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