Saturday, March 24, 2012

Russell Peters - My Favourite Comedian Of All-Time

Today I was texting my friend Mark and we got to talking about Russell Peters.  That name is familiar to a good lot of people, but to others, that name means nothing.  He is an Indian (not Native American) Canadian comedian.  I've been a fan of his for years.  But we talked about his style of comedy mainly.

 I call Russell Peters are a cultural observationalist.  What I mean by that is Peters makes observations on the cultures of the world.  At times during his routine, he does exaggerate at times.  But at other times, some of the observations he does are close especially about Indians.

My friend Mark said he is a one trick pony.  But a lot of comedians are "one trick ponies."  He also said that he does one style of joke.  A lot of comedians do one style of joke.  For instance, Jerry Seinfeld only does the "have you ever noticed" type joke.  It's not like Peters is the only one who does one style of joke.  Plus he does the style of joke he does well.  Every time I see something I've never seen form him before, I laugh so hard.  He gets me going.

There are a number of comedians out there that get me laughing.  But Russell Peters is tops for me because it's not just the style of joke he does, but he can do different accent too.  He is incredibly good at it.  That's another part of what makes him so good.  So give him a listen and see for yourself.

No matter what your stance is on Russell Peters, he will always bee my number comedian of all-time and number one Canadian comedian of all-time.  He is vastly better than a lot of other comedians out there like Dane Cook. I've only heard one joke Cook has done that was good.  Otherwise he is vastly overrated.  You may think Peters is overrated and that is fine because you are entitled to think what you want.  But as long as you give him a chance, than that is all I can ask.

Here is a clip of a hilarious Russell Peters joke!

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