Thursday, December 12, 2013

Black Friday Emits the Scent of Greed

Black Friday and Black Friday sales is a tradition around Thanksgiving in the United States.  It's busiest day for shopping in the United States.  This tradition has made it's way into Canada.  A big reason that it happens in Canada is so consumers stay in Canada to shop and not cross the border.

Now with that being said, the deals are great and you can save some money.  But the problem with Black Friday is what you'll see in the following video.

This is a common occurrence in the United States.  People will claw, scratch, kick, bit, punch, push/shove, and fight (as seen in the video) to get the item they want.  In fact, a person died from being trampled.  They don't care that they cause physical harm to another person.  They just want that item that's on sale.  What's sad about this video is that these two chicks have to be restrained by the police because they are fighting over a 24 inch TV.

What is the point of such shitty behavior?  With the terrible shape that the United States is in, they spend money like they have it.  Their greedy attitude will not stimulate the economy.  One day of greedy over spending is just their materialistic self-centeredness shining through.  It's good to want such items, but do we truly need them?  When the United States is in debt, shouldn't they have their priorities in order?  You'd think so, but judging by this video as one of many cases, that is not the case.

This one day of overspending on items they don't need won't stimulate the economy like some may think.  If they want to stimulate the economy, than they need to do it the right.  This isn't going to do it.

Our North American society needs a dose of reality.  Especially the United States.  When they don't have any money to pay their bills because they frivolously spent on items they DIDN'T need, than it sets a bad example for future generations.  But I guess they will never learn.  What's sad is that this video had a millions views on the day it was posted.  I guess people like watching a cat fight over something stupid.  That's pretty sad.

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  1. Oh yes, that old chestnut: "I have no money because I spent it all on useless crap the other day!" Lack of self-control, poor planning, and so on. It's often something I wonder about. I see all these people at my job who complain they have no money, but really what they mean is they have no money to sustain the lifestyle they want to have, which is excessive. These people have the best cell phones, nice vehicles, a nice place to stay, a ready supply of smokes, and they go out and get wasted on the weekend. And when I mean wasted, I mean they spend three hundred dollars in a night on booze. I would die if I drank that quantity of alcohol!

    It makes me wonder what such people would do if they made more money. You would think they would still find a way to waste it and complain they don't have any money, thereby bringing them back to square one. It seems like what people have is never enough. Maybe we need to accept that what we have is enough and we need to manage it responsibly, but I'm just thinking aloud.


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