Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saskatchewan Needs a Women's Wrestling Scene

This history of professional wrestling in Saskatchewan is one that is up and down.  We've had promotions, but they've always fallen by the wayside.  One of the longest running in the country has been High Impact Wrestling.  They been around for over 10 years.  I'm proud to say that I support them.

Today on Facebook, High Impact Wrestling star, Brett Evans said, "Saskatchewan needs a female wrestling scene. C'mon ladies, step up."  I've been saying this for sometime.  High Impact Wrestling needs a women's division.  But there needs to be a scene in Saskatchewan period.

Women's wrestling is a niche.  But if it's done right ala Shimmer, Women's Superstars Uncensored, SHINE, joshi puroresu in Japan, and various other promotions; it can be really good.  Saskatchewan just needs a foundation to start a great promotion and become an amazing place for women to want to work.  Show that we have great female talent within Saskatchewan.  We need to put our mark on the wrestling map with not just men's wrestling but women's wrestling too.

In the past, High Impact Wrestling has booked the odd women's match, but they need to help be the trail blazer for women's wrestling in this province.  They could help be a forerunner for women's professional wrestling, not only in Saskatchewan, not only the prairies, but in Western Canada.  We need something to get the women's wrestling scene in Saskatchewan going.  Make it competitive that women would actually want to wrestle here.  Make it worth having them come in.  We need something.

An all women's promotion under the HIW Canada banner would be pretty sweet.  You called it High Impact Women or something.  It doesn't have to be under the HIW Canada banner, but just a women's promotion all together.  We nee something done.  We need to add some diversity to professional wrestling in this province.  Like I said, we need something to put Saskatchewan on the map in professional wrestling so people will take a step back and take notice.  Women's wrestling is one of those ways.

I hope the women's scene will start and thrive as the future wears on.  It would be awesome if they helped lead Saskatchewan in a bright future for professional wrestling.  These are a few things that one wrestling fan can hope for in this province.  Now they just need to become reality.

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