Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Back From Edmonton

Well, I just go back from Edmonton. It was a very long day if you are wondering. The odd thing is we were away from CBC for around 15 hours. Eight and a half to nine of those hours was spent at the West Edmonton Mall. I know what you are thinking and sure it was a long time to waste at a single mall, but it was good times all around. It was cool hanging with people like Jon Loewen, Mark Jensen, Ian Solomon, Jesse Stegeman and various others. Jesse and myself were in Sport Chek and we double teamed this tackling (for a lack of a better word) dummy. Good times, good times! I also saw other people from school there like Tom Rorem, Courtney, Eric Braun, Danny, Hannah, Ashley, etc.. It was like over half of the school was there.

Sure I maybe tired, but it was worth going. I ate some food from this Chinese supermarket in this Chinatown section of the West Edmonton Mall. Chinatown must be a new section in the mall. But the food was sooooooo damn good. The next time I am in the West Edmonton Mall, I will have to remember that supermarket. I felt like a minority in that place. HA! But it was all good.

It's crazy how big of a Chinese population Edmonton has. Just looking around the West Edmonton Mall and you can see the Chinese as a big part of Edmonton.

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