Friday, December 28, 2007

Can't We All Just Get Along?

I know this may sound cliche and all but lately this question/phrase is more appropriate than ever. All over the world there have been shootings and death. Why some for political gain, some out of their own sick and twisted mind, and police doing what they feel is right.

  1. Benazir Bhutto - Unless you have been living under a rock, by now you have heard about the shooting and death of former Pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto. Bhutto was at a rally and she got up and poked her head out of the sunroof and was shot in the neck. She was taken to hospital and died. The person who killed her killed himself along with 15 others which injuring 56 others. I bet the killer got what he wanted and had no other reason to live hence why we was a suicide bomber. This situation proves the unstableness of that area of the work. Civil war, political war, etc. can break out at any time. I am thankful that Canada isn't like that. Sure we have our political war, but not to the extent of areas like Pakistan. This puts a damper on their efforts to bring western democracy over to Pakistan. I work with a guy from Pakistan and I wonder how he is handling the news of this. I thought of asking him, but thought that might a bad thing to ask about.
  2. Killings in Washington State - I heard about on the radio and this women and her boyfriend had this premeditated plan to kill her parents and four other family members. Basically she massacred her parents and other family members on Christmas Eve. What a way to go. I guess her own sick and twisted mind finally led her to do something I would never do and that is kill family especially parents. What drives a person to kill someone? I don't know. They must have some reason. But family of all things. That's what seems odd. Would you hatch a premeditated plan to kill your own family? Even you best reas... or I should I say excuse wouldn't be sufficiant enough to justify killing your own flesh and blood. But the two killers may get the death penalty. I have never been a fan of the death penalty, so I am really on the fence, so to speak, on this issue of the death sentence.
  3. Two Shootings In Saskatoon - One shooting happened on December 22 on Cumberland Ave.. The police killed the man they shot. The person was coming towards them with knives. The other shooting happened in Ghettoland aka Riversdale. This women in her thirties was shot but is in the hospital in stable condition. Did the police have to resort to using their gun? Or was it their last resort? I am sure they start out by trying to talk the person down. I guess in these two situations they had to draw their weapons. Even though police get a bad rap at times, they do have a hard job to do in situations like these.
I get that stuff like this happens all the time and well continue to happen, but it seems as though there has been more of this lately then in the last number of months. Can't we go a month without hearing some craptastic thing happening in the world? Is it so hard to ask? I guess it seems like it at times. Sometimes I feel like just shutting off things that give us media and live like a hermit, but I am too weak to do that. So I continue to listen to the radio, watch TV, read the newspaper, go on the Internet, etc.. But by hook or crook I will end up hearing about some craptastic thing happening in the world.

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