Friday, July 02, 2010

First Win Of The Season

So the Canadian Football League (CFL) 2010 season kicked off yesterday with a double header. The first game saw the Saskatchewan Roughriders play host to the Montreal Allouettes. I predicted before that game started that we would win. Low and behold we did. Even though we were down going into the second half I told the Rider Nation on my Facebook to remain positive. There was the second half of the game still to go. Remaining positive worked as the game was forced into overtime.

Overtime came and we exchanged points. But we got a too many men on the field penalty. We looked distraught and looked like the game was done, but low and behold we managed to keep the win. It was awesome! What an amazing game for the Roughriders on Canada Day. 1-0 to start the season. Also, this is the third highest scoring game in history and I am proud to say that I witnessed it. 105 total points scored with the end score being 54-51 for the green and gold.

Our next victims are the British Columbia Lions. The Roughriders will be on the road for that game. That takes place on July 1oth at 8PM CST.

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