Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Don't you get frustrated at the fact that when you feel something that someone else you know does or has that they tell you something, but don't like it when you try to say the same thing? For instance, when I feel down or something I get told to "cheer up" or something. But when tell them to "cheer up," it seems to not be a good thing. I tell them that they told me to "cheer up," so that seems to make the situation better.

They say that they are hurt by something I said. They make me feel guilty for saying it and I've apologize for it. But I've never told them it that it hurts me when they say one thing, then say another. If I told them then they may say that I am making them feel guilty, but I could say they make me feel guilty. Sure I've said don't say one thing, then say another, but I've never said it hurts.

If I'm feeling down, something is bothering me, or something is on my mind they want me to talk about it. When it comes to them, I try to get them to talk about it, but they don't want to. Well, that is if they don't tell me that is. I maybe should tell them that they should tell me what's wrong because they would want me to talk. If I said I don't want to talk about it, they wouldn't accept that. So why should I accept when they don't want to talk?

I am blessed to have this person as a friend, but sometimes it's just frustrating that there might be this double standard there. I might have to be honest with them or this might keep happening. We are best friends and we should be able to each other everything which we do. But it's that sometimes they get in a mood and don't want to talk about it. If it wasn't for them, then I might still be in a funk. I've thanked them a lot for being there and I am thankful that they were. Sometimes I get frustrated that I just try to avoid the issue so I don't have to deal with it. That is not a good thing and I need to be more honest when them and myself.

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