Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Top Ten Favourite Guitarists Currently

Here are my top ten favourite guitarists starting in reverse order. It was won't be in just one genre of music because this is a list of guitarists not a list of top ten rock guitarists I will provide some videos to go along with it. So let's get to it:

10. Steve Vai

"Now We Run" by Steve Vai off the album entitled "The Elusive Light & Sound"
YouTube link

If you have any recommendations, just post them in the comments. I am looking for new guitarists to check out.

9. Antoine DuFour

"Trilogie" by Antoine DuFour off the album entitled "Naisannce"
YouTube link

8. Paul Gilbert of Mr. Big and Racer X

"Get Out Of My Yard" by Paul Gilbert off the album entitled "Get Out Of My Yard"
YouTube link

7. Andy McKee

"Rylynn" by Andy McKee off the album entitled "Art Of Motion"
YouTube link

6. John Mayer

"Gravity" by John Mayer off the album entitled "Continuum"
YouTube link

5. Yngwie Malmsteen

"Black Star" by Yngwie Malmsteen off the album entitled "Rising Force"
YouTube link

4. Joe Satriani

"Satch Boogie" off the album entitled "Surfing With The Alien"
YouTube link

3. Eddie Van Halen of Van Halen

"Eruption" by Eddie Van Halen of the album entitled "Van Halen"
YouTube link

2. Alex Lifeson of Rush

"La Villa Strangiato" by Rush from the album entitled "Hemispheres"
YouTube link

1. John Petrucci of Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment

"Glasgow Kiss" by John Petrucci of his album entitled "Suspended Animation
YouTube link

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