Saturday, June 05, 2010

Goodbye Law and Order, Global Reality

Law & Order is a show that ran for twenty seasons and was spun off numerous times with numerous characters. Now I was never a big fan of show. Although Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Law & Order: Criminal Intent had a few good episodes. But I do respect that it was able to have longevity while becoming a legendary institution. Law & Order spawned many spin off shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order: Trial By Jury, Law & Order: UK, among others. Now last week it was announced that Law & Order going off the air and that show has the distinction of being the longest running cop drama. It is seemingly being replaced by Law & Order: Los Angeles. I wonder if it will be received like the other spin offs and have the same level of success. I guess time will tell.

Isn't there already a reality show channel? Well if not, there is now in Canada. The channel is called Global Reality. Global is the equivalent of Fox in Canada just like CTV is the equivalent of CBS, NBC, and CBS and just like CBC is the equivalent of PBS. Majority of reality shows blow and there a lot already, but would this mean that they would produce original reality shows ? Or will show re-runs only? Or will produce original shows and show re-runs? Either way we don't need anymore reality shows except Hells Kitchen, America's Got Talent, Britian's Got Talent, and X Factor. All the rest can go away.

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