Friday, June 25, 2010

UGH, Megan Fox... JUST GO AWAY!

So last night was Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards. I had no idea they were even on until I went upstairs and saw my niece watching it. The part I started sort of watching it was when they were handing out the award for male TV actor in which Dylan Sprouse won. Dylan Sprouse is best known for his role as Zack Martin on "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" and "The Suite Life on Deck" mainly, but there have been some reprisals of his character.

Anyways, I watched as they gave out the award best female actress in a movie or something like that and it wasn't necessarily the fact that Miley Cyrus won, but it was the fact that Megan Fox was nominated in the same damn category as Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock. I mean, who in there right mind thought of these nominations? Did they give Fox the nomination based it being a Transformers movie and the fact that they find her hot? It sure seems that way.

I can say with certainty that Fox wasn't nominated acting for her ability because let's be honest, she has no acting ability. She also wouldn't be nominated for being a bitch. Let's face it, she is a superficial bitch. She makes guys get her name tattooed on them. If I remember correctly, she does this before dating to let her know that they want to date or something crap like that. Otherwise they are kicked to the curb.

I really wouldn't care if Megan Fox fell off the face of the Earth. She is of no use to me and probably a lot of other people. She is in someways this era's Farrah Fawcett with boys, teens, and some men having her poster on their wall so they can have a wet dream about her. But this I say in a bad way. At least Farrah Fawcet did some good in her life. What has Fox done that we care about? NOTHING! She has made some shitty films like "Jennifer's Body" and took over the role of Sydney Shanowski on the utterly horrible and annoying sitcom "Hope and Faith."

Megan Fox, do the world a favour and JUST GO AWAY!

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Gravity Must Love Me said...

Amen. I can't stand her.