Saturday, June 12, 2010

Being In A Funk

I've never been in this type of a funk (you know it as a different word, but that is not the point) before earlier this week. I decided after some thought to break up with my girlfriend Penny of seven months. I was dating her over the Internet. It was going great for a number of months, but she has hardly been in the last few months that it became hard to keep this relationship going. So earlier this week, as I said, I broke up with her. It was a hard decision and it put me in this funk.

So now I've been grateful to a friend for being there for me and talking. She knows who she is! :) Now when I hang out with her I don't feel like I am in this funk. I know why. But this funk comes back when we are not hanging out. Thinking about her and not hanging out just makes this funk worse.

Since I've been in this funk I've been thinking too much, I've not gotten much sleep, I've not eaten a lot, I've been down, I've had mixed emotions, and I've even broken down. This just bites the big one and being around her (she knows who she is) just puts my mind at ease.

So yeah, I guess that is all for now.

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